Sergey Riabov
tel.:+7 (903) 793-63-61
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Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Sergey Riabov and I am a design architect.
The love for architecture since childhood has predetermined my future career: art school, preparatory courses at Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), time spent studying at an architectural university and years of entering the profession.

Within 15 years of practice I have engaged myself in designing various projects from private interior designs (apartments for MIAN real-estate agency, apartments for government ministers and Olympic champions, detached houses’ design) to public projects (banks, pharmacies, Research Institute of Transplantology, National Research Centre of Surgery, Moscow State University medical centre, Spa-salons, power-producing company office, General Staff Academy).

The last seven years in my creative development have been devoted to designing 10 international-level sports centres in Moscow and regions.My website does not contain abandoned projects. In the ‘Gallery’ you may find only accomplished and implemented works.

I have articles published in various editions on architecture.

Diligence and creative effort characterize the work of my team: these are people of high professional qualification who assist me through the years in elaborating and putting into life most challenging ideas.

О себе   Галерея   Пресса   Виды услуг

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